RVC Team


Matt Heffner

Juniors Programs Manager


Matt is the newest member of the RVC staff bringing experience working with both juniors and beach volleyball to the club. He focuses on the boys teams in the Junior Travel program and also manages the Middle School Leagues in the fall, the juniors beach program, and the Virginia Youth Volleyball League (VYVL). 



Chris Wakefield

Juniors Programs Manager


Chris works with the girls teams in the Juniors Travel Program.  He also focuses on the travel program logistics which include hotels reservations, uniforms, tournament entries, etc.



Liz Young

Adult Programs Manager


Liz is in charge of all things adults from creating leagues each season, to hiring referees, checking standings, and organizing tournament and finals night. She also handles the Adult Skills Clinics, Starter League, and Drop-In League. Additionally, on the juniors side Liz manages the fall private school league, Jumpin’ Juniors, and Jump Up. 



Kaitlin Baker

Outreach Coordinator


Kaitlin works with organizations such as the Police Athletic League (PAL) and Special Olympics to help make volleyball accessible to everyone. She also manages the Robison Fund giving grants to junior members. Outside of Outreach, Kaitlin also assists with grant research and writing, manages our private instruction, and assists with juniors registrations through Sports Connect.


Patti Nelms

Director of Administration


Patti handles the administrative aspect of our programs, including juniors billing for travel and City. She also supervises the front office staff and provides a wealth of knowledge and program support to other staff.

Sarah 1

Sarah Herbert

Marketing Designer/Web Developer


As the in house graphic designer, Sarah spends her time designing flyers, logos, handbooks, signs, and any other print or digital collateral the club might need. She also manages the RVC website, updating content and layout as needed. 

Emilie 1

Emilie Tuxford-Barnette

Marketing Assistant


Emilie runs all of our social media accounts along with keeping the info boards and fliers in the gyms up to date. She also books private lessons and assists with tournament vendors and event management and keeps up with what RVC alumni and current players are up to.

Brad 1

Brad Matthews

Interim Cafe Manager


Brad runs the cafe and can be found behind the counter most week nights.

Debbie 1

Debbie DuBrueler

Finance Manager


Debbie handles the financials for us as our bookkeeper. She manages our payroll system for coaches and employees and makes sure everyone is paid on time.


Skip Weston

Director of Facilities and Strategic Initiatives


Skip is in charge of our facilities making sure the buildings are fit and ready for all the programs they hold. He also directs the three large tournaments we host every year – Monument City Classic, Boys’ East Coast Championships, and South Atlantic Championships.

Darcy 1

Darcy Carroll

Executive Director


Darcy is the organization’s leader making sure our programming aligns with our mission and looks at the future of where we are headed. She works closely with the Board of Directors on strategic initiatives, financial planning, and development.