Junior Travel Financial Commitment


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Richmond Volleyball Club strives to make all it’s programs as cost conscious as possible.This means we are not profit motivated and strive to make every dollar we receive benefit our members.

We understand participating in a competitive travel sport is a commitment – both in time and finances, so we strive to be as transparent as possible about the expected costs so that you can make an informed decision.


  1. $225 Registration Fee when you sign up online. Your registration fee covers:
    • $55 Non-refundable tryout fee (tryout t-shirt, administrative fee)
    • $110 Fundraising deposit (this can be earned back throughout the season)
    • $60 RVC Junior Membership (valid through September 20, 2020)
  2. $50 USA Volleyball Membership after committing to a team, but before the first practice
    • USAV Membership paid directly to USAV on their website.
  3. $695 – $1,250 Team Fee due in two installments (first after team selection and second by January 1)
    • Team Fee amount varies depending on the team level. See chart below for specifics.
    • $300 of Team Fee will be due in order to accept a spot on a team after tryouts.
    • Team Fee includes uniforms, facility costs, equipment, coaches’ salary and education, administrative costs, and a volleyball for each player.
  4. $305  – $3,250 Tournament Expenses incurred during season
    • Tournament expense amount varies depending on the team level. See chart below for specifics.
    • RVC will post detailed statements to the player’s online account monthly with the cost breakdown for each tournament.
    • Tournament expenses can include tournament registration fees, hotels, van rentals, plane tickets, and your coaches’ expenses associated with a tournament.
    • All team tournament expenses are split evenly between all team members.
Juniors Travel Full Season Total Table

Robison Fund Athlete Grants

Athlete grants are available through the Roger Robison Fund for players who require financial assistance in order to participate. In 2018 alone, RVC granted more than $40,000 worth of financial assistance to junior players in our travel program, City League, Middle School League, Jumpin’ Juniors, and summer camps. Application deadline for the Robison Fund is Monday, October 7, 2019. More information can be found on our Financial Aid Program web page.


Part of your player being eligible to tryout with RVC is turning in a signed Financial Agreement 2019-2020 during a Pre-Tryout Orientation. Please read through the document carefully. Along with other things, part of what you are agreeing to as a part of the Financial Agreement is:

  • You must log in to your player’s account and make payments each month to avoid incurring service fees and interest fees. RVC only sends out generic email reminders about billing as a courtesy and is not responsible for the emails not being received or seen. 
  • You will not receive paper statements for the player’s expenses throughout the season, but a detailed statement will be available online by logging into the player’s account and looking at the Payment History.
  • Players are responsible for sharing all team expenses (coach’s travel expense, coach’s meal expenses, van rentals, hotel rooms, tournament registration fee, etc.), regardless of whether or not an individual participated in a particular event*.
    • *Only exception to the rule is if 1) a player is injured during a sanctioned RVC team practice or tournament, 2) they have a doctor’s not stating their ineligibility to play, and 3) they receive permission from the Junior Program Manager. In this rare occurrence, the player will  not be charged for any tournaments they are unable to participate in after the injury, and remaining tournament costs will be split between the remaining players. 
  • You are responsible for keeping a valid PARENT email address as the primary email address on your player’s account in order to receive timely information about your player’s team and bill.

Payment Options

The main payment option as outlined in the Financial Agreement 2019-2020 is to log into your player’s account on a monthly basis to pay off charges added each month. This option functions similar to a credit card, where RVC pays for the cost of your player’s tournament expenses upfront and adds itemized charges to your players account to be paid off each month (charges typically added to player’s accounts by the 5th of each month). If no payment is made in that month, a $25 Service Fee is added to the account (similar to if you didn’t make a payment on your credit card). If a balance is carried over from one month to the next, a 1% interest rate is also added to the account (again similar to a credit card). For this payment option, you must provide your social security number on the Financial Agreement form. 

Other payment options:
  • If you do not wish to give your social security number, then your other option is to pay the team fee and estimated tournament expense costs upfront at the beginning of December by filling out a Credit Card Authorization form (see chart below for amounts per team). If the season cost ends above the estimated amount then you would be responsible for paying the difference, and if the season cost ends below the estimated amount, then a refund would be issued for the difference.
Junior Travel Credit Card Authorization Charge Table


As a part of your Registration Fee you pay a $110 fundraising deposit. This fundraising deposit can be earned back over the course of the season through selling raffle tickets and team participation in court set up/tear down during one of RVC’s large junior tournaments (Monument City Classic or Boy’s East Coast Championships/South Atlantic Championships)

  • Raffle Tickets: Each player will be given 50 raffle tickets during Pre-tryout Orientations to be sold at $1 each. These raffle tickets are for a cash drawing on Monday, February 17, 2020 (President’s Day) with a 1st place prize of $1000, 2nd place prize of $500, and a 3rd place prize of $250. Since the cost of the tickets is built into the registration price, when a player sells the tickets the player/parent keep the money they collect. Overall, a player can make back $50 of their fundraising deposit. 
  • Court set up/tear down: With their team, a player will participate in helping set up/tear down courts at the Greater Richmond Convention Center for one of the large junior tournaments that RVC hosts. A coach will determine which tournament their team will assist with courts which will either be Monument City Classic over Martin Luther King Jr Weekend, or Boy’s East Coast Championships/South Atlantic Championships over Memorial Day Weekend. Once a player/team participates in court set up/tear down a $60 credit will be added to the player’s account.
  • Other: Other team fundraising events are done on a team by team basis and are at the discretion of the coach, parents, and players to organize.