Masters Classic


**1/11/2022 Update: We are pleased to  announce that the Masters Classic (formerly Monument City Masters) tournament will be held this year!

Richmond Volleyball Club is proud to host this event for Men’s and Women’s Senior 6-Person teams on March 18 and 19, 2022.  NOTE: This year’s tournament will begin on Friday at 3pm and conclude on Saturday. 

We want the most “experienced & seasoned” volleyball players to get their game on! The tournament will be held at our state-of-the-art facility located on Byrdhill Road for men’s and women’s teams with age-based divisions. Tournament includes a social after play on Saturday at the playing facility. All players are welcome to enjoy the food and beverages. Also, Nimbus Massage has been invited to join us again this year providing free massages on Saturday afternoon.  

Need help getting a team together for the Masters Classic? Want to get yourself added to someone’s team? Use the links below to find others looking just like you! 

  • MonumentCityMasters2019-3051_03_16_201901382
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-3658_03_16_201901988
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-2297_03_15_201900640
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-2748_03_15_201901080
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-2169_03_15_201900513
  • MonumentCityMasters_2018_03_11_03596
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-0453_03_16_201902558
  • MonumentCityMasters_2018_03_11_04287

“Our two KAV teams from Buffalo, NY, enjoyed playing in the Monument City Masters tournament. Thanks for all the Virginia hospitality.  We met some great people over the weekend.  We lost in a great set final against these fun guys from Richmond Volleyball Club.  Kudos to all the teams who treated us kindly and the tournament staff.”

Rocco, Buffalo, NY, 2017 Participant

    • Cost is $265 per team
    • Age-based Divisions include:
      • Women’s 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+,65+, & 70+ 
      • Men’s 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, & 70+ 
      • Divisions may be combined if there are insufficient registration numbers in each division.
    • Men’s or Women’s 6-Person, age-based teams. (All players must be at least the age of the division played. Younger players are not allowed. ID may be required at check-in.)
      • Team must register in the age division of its YOUNGEST player! You may be required to provide proof of age. Any questions regarding the eligibility of any player must be presented before a match to the Tournament Director. Once the match starts, the match becomes official and non-contestable. At the request of the Tournament Director, any competitor may be required to show proof of compliance to the above requirement. Burden of proof shall be the responsibility of the player. If, in the opinion of the Tournament Director the protest is valid, the player will not be eligible to play and/or said team will be required to modify its line-up.
    • Play and work schedules will be posted no earlier than March 16, 2022
    • Format: 4 team pools will be best 2 (to 25) out of 3 (third game to 15). Three team pools will play 3 games to 25.  Two rounds of play followed by playoffs.  Teams will play at least 5 matches (3 and 4 team pools will play at least 6 matches). 
    • USAV Rules of Play Apply (but you do NOT have to be USAV registered player or team).
      • USAV uniform rules do not apply however, teams should wear matching shirts with easy to read numbers; libero should wear a different colored shirt
    • Each team will be required to work matches – during the first round teams may be required to provide workers for all positions including first (“up”) ref (staffing is difficult due to COVID). We are fairly confident we will be able to provide first referees for the remainder of the tournament and work teams will only need to cover remaining roles (i.e., second referee, scorekeeper, etc.)
      • Provided second referee and scorekeeper do not have to be certified but referee must know rules and scorekeeper should be able to track libero and next server.
    • All non-RVC members required to sign a waiver prior to play
    • Music and beverage specials at cafe. Tournament includes a social after play on Saturday for all players at the playing facility
    • In 2018 and 2019, we were pleased to have Nimbus Massage    provide FREE chair massages for all interested players! They will be joining us again in 2022. 
    • Registration open now and closes March 9, 2022
    • Register Online with a credit card
      • Registrations are not accepted without payment and payments are processed upon receipt
      • Registration could close early if divisions fill. Teams accepted on a first paid, first accepted basis. Late registrations accepted on a space available basis.
    • Cancellation made prior to the registration deadline will receive a refund of their entry fee minus $75 cancellation fee.
      • Refunds will not be given after the registration deadline
      • Late cancellations are not eligible for refunds
    • Divisions may be combined, changed or cancelled as needed. Space is limited.
    Register for Masters Classic 2022
    • NEW! Play will begin on Friday at 3pm.  You are invited to come to the gym earlier on Friday to warm up and/or socialize.  
    • Play begins at 3:00 am on Friday, March 18, 2022. Facility opens at 12:00 pm.
    • Second round of play continues at 9:00 am on Saturday, March 19, 2022.
    • Playoffs on Saturday immediately following pool play.
    • All divisions with 6 or more teams will be guaranteed 6 matches (or game equivalent) & two days of play. Please note, age divisions may be combined for pool play.
    • Teams must report for work assignments or their next match will be a forfeit.
    • All play will be at Richmond Volleyball Club – Byrdhill Gym.
    Men’s 40.50 Bracket Men’s 60.65.70 Bracket Women’s 40.45 Bracket Women’s 50 Bracket

    Awards will be given to the 1st place teams in each age division.


    We do not have an agreement with any of these hotels, but they are conveniently located to RVC.

    • The Westin Hotel, located at 6631 Broad Street, is very nice and has a bar.
    • Courtyard Richmond West is located at 6400 W Broad Street is newly renovated and provides free breakfast and has a bar.
    • The Embassy Suites at 2925 Emerywood Parkway offers an AARP discount.
    • The Hampton Inn & Suites at 5406 Glenside Drive offers a free breakfast.
    • The Holiday Inn Express located at 2000 Staples Mill Rd is recently renovated, offers free breakfast, does not have a bar/restaurant, but is within walking distance to Willow Lawn (shopping and restaurants).

Previous Winners 2019

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  • MonumentCityMasters2019-0385_03_16_201902490-crop
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-0392_03_16_201902497-crop
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  • MonumentCityMasters2019-0417_03_16_201902522-crop
  • MonumentCityMasters2019-0423_03_16_201902528-crop
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