The tournament will be held May 25 – 27, 2019 in the the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Registration opens in November of each year and rosters are not required to enter. Pools will be posted the week of the tournament on the home page of SportWrench. Early registration is highly recommended.

Teams are accepted on a “first paid, first accepted basis.” Teams living outside a 50 mile radius must stay in our hotel block. The deadline for entries is April 12, 2019, but will continue to accept teams until divisions fill.

To complete the entry process we must receive proper payment, a signed tournament entry form, and confirmation from EM2 that hotel reservations have been made.

The entry fee for the 2018 Boys’ East Coast Championships will be $675. We will continue to accept entries after the deadline but there is no guarantee teams will be accepted.  Each team will be guaranteed 7 matches (or game equivalent).

REFUND POLICY: Teams withdrawing before the entry deadline after being accepted to the event will receive a refund of $575.  Teams withdrawing after the entry deadline, including no shows, will not receive a refund.

*Please note that divisions and/or formats may be adjusted according to entries received.



For the USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships, the following Territories and their associated Federations are eligible to participate: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands.

2019 Summary of Sport Accident Insurance for Foreign Participants

This applies to ALL NON-USA Volleyball members or Member Organizations (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Required Individual Forms

  1. Players and Staff: Foreign Participant Registration Form, which includes the Code of Conduct
  2. Players and Staff: Copy of photo ID (i.e. Passport)
  3. Players Only: Medical Release and Liability Form (without notary unless the event is held in Florida)
  4. Players Only: Copy of Birth Certificate (note, a passport will also fill this requirement)
  5. Proof of IMPACT or equivalent certification for each named coach (head and assistants)
    • IMPACT Certification rating may be met by supplying proof of the following:
      1. USA Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP), Levels I, II or III
      2. RVA IMPACT course (region or National Office verification required)
      3. Canadian Volleyball Associations Levels 1-4
      4. FIVB International Courses Levels 1-3
      5. Curso de Entrenadores Nivel 1 (Coaches Training Level 1)

Required Team Forms/Fees

  1. Entry Form – Sportwrench Invoice
  2. Foreign Summary Team Participation Form
  3. $100 US Dollars for Insurance (Canadian teams exempt with proof of coverage)For each additional player and/or staff person that is added to future rosters, including the BJNC roster, 10 US Dollars per person is owed to USAV for insurance coverage.
  4. A Letter of Good Standing from their volleyball federation. Please see the Bid Tournament Manual for additional requirements.  (Note, Puerto Rican teams must email to ask for approval to participate).
  5. Results: Foreign Teams should provide the results from any U.S. tournaments they’ve attended for the current season. In the absence of such results, the team should submit a letter explaining the team’s strength and current record in their federation.
    Foreign teams are required to complete the paperwork and pay the insurance fee only once during the current season. Paperwork must be submitted prior to on-site registration.

*Foreign Teams must also include a Letter of Good Standing from their volleyball federation. 

Note, Puerto Rican teams must email to ask for approval to participate. 

Please see the Bid Tournament Manual for additional requirements.                                                           


  • A participant who is not a citizen of the United States OR a citizen residing in a U.S. Territory having its own National Volleyball Federation with which the participant is affiliated.

  • A person who is not a citizen of the United States residing outside the 50 United States OR an individual residing in a U.S. Territory having its own National Volleyball Federation with which the Participant is affiliated.

  • A person who is not a citizen of the United States residing in one of the 50 United States and holding “resident” versus “visitor” status. Proof of “Resident” status includes providing documentation substantiating enrollment and attendance in an educational institution in the United States (excludes on-line courses) OR proof of employment in the United States AND a corresponding physical residence address (excludes a P.O. Box or “care of” address). A copy of a current student or work visa is required for the duration of eligibility.

  • Written approval by a Foreign Participant’s National Volleyball Federation of origin for that person to affiliate or participate with USA Volleyball.

  • Policy:
    Concurrent registration with more than one National Volleyball Federation is prohibited.
    A. A Resident Foreign Participant, who has competed in international competition representing his/her country/federation of origin (i.e. Youth National Team, Junior National Team, Senior National Team, or other “elite” team that has represented that country in international competition) is required to have a written release from that volleyball federation of origin before he/she can become a registered member of a Regional Volleyball Association.

    B. This would not apply to a participant who has been in continuous legal residence in the United States and unaffiliated with a foreign national volleyball federation for greater than two years.

  • Subject to the above definitions, a Resident Foreign Participant (residing legally in the United States, e.g. exchange student) may participate if she/he is a duly registered member of a USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) and follows all event participation policies and registration procedures.

    A Non-Resident Foreign Player shall not be eligible to participate.

  • Foreign Team Participation for National Junior Competitions (e.g. USA Volleyball Junior National Championships, National Invitational and all Qualifying Events):

    1. A Foreign Team (registered with its National Volleyball Federation) may participate if it duly applies for and is accepted in compliance with the event’s regulations, is not representing its country in an official capacity, and the federation of origin grants permission for participation.
    2. Foreign Teams must purchase foreign participant insurance, which will be provided by USA Volleyball. The expense shall be debited to the event at cost and shall be added to the entry fee.
    (i) A waiver to the foreign participant insurance fee shall be granted to Canadians who provide written proof of 24-hour health coverage valid in the United States.