Richmond Volleyball Club is very proud of its Junior Travel Volleyball program and athletes. Below is a list of our junior players who chose to continue their volleyball career in college. As of 2015, we have had more than 200 boys & girls attend more than 100 different colleges and universities across the U.S. Congratulations to all of our RVC junior athletes who are striving to reach their volleyball and educational goals! See pictures of our juniors from their college days and beyond — into their days as collegiate coaches and professional players — on our Pinterest page “Success Beyond RVC.” If you’re missing from our list, please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to add you!

*Indicates Volleyball Magazine Fab 50 Selection

 2016  Ayanna Swan  Godwin  Ohio State
2016 Andrea Johnson Prince George NC Wesleyan
2016 Taylor McNeely L.C. Bird Bridgewater
2016 Grace Bullock Patrick Henry Roanoke College
2016 Sean Wright Deep Run Eastern Mennonite University
2016 Isaiah Jamison Hermitage Morningside College
2016 Tyler Edmondson Thomas Dale Coker College
2016 Erin Farina Albemarle Lynchburg College
2016 Lauren Stanford Atlee Lynchburg College
2016 Marnie Streeter FCA Carson-Newman University
2016 Alinor Thomas Colonial Forge Elon University
2016 Miranda Hall Hanover Randolph Macon College
2016 Sydney Griffith New Kent Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
2016 Taylor McNeely LC Bird Bridgewater College
2016 Sydney Frink Thomas Dale Lynchburg College
2016 Rachel Gaston Lee Davis Bridgewater College
2016 Kendall Johnson James River Shippensburg
2016 Mackenzie Brewer Godwin Mary Washington
2016 Alexia Wolfe James River Randolph Macon College
2016 Molly Jarvis Atlee Loyola University Maryland
2016 Maddie Reynolds Midlothian Christopher Newport
2016 Samantha Conway St. Catherine’s William & Mary
2016 Anna Soroka Lee Davis Washington & Lee
2016 Myah Massenburg Glen Allen Villanova
2015 Haley Headley Northumberland Barton College
2015 Kayla Sell Henrico University of Rochester
2015 Olivia Florence Glen Allen Goldey-Beacom College
2015 Christian Taylor Deep Run Eastern Mennonite
2015 Taylor Bauman Albemarle McDaniel College
2015 Emma Murphy Deep Run Shenandoah University
2015 Lauren Wells Glen Allen McDaniel College
2015 Mady Arles St. Catherine’s Emory University
2015 Maddie French Atlee George Mason
2015 Kendyll Brown Lee Davis University of Dayton
2015 Maddy Kline Fluvanna County UNC – Wilmington
2015 Melanie Snyder Atlee Marist
2014 Courtney Wiseman LC Bird Barton College
2014 Grayson Lawrence Cosby North Greenville
2014 William Ragland Thomas Dale Carthage
2014 Sean Luhmann Clover Hill King College
2014 Garrett Fitzsimmons Deep Run Ramapo
2014 Nick Drooker Cosby King College
2014 Micah Buller Freeman Eastern Mennonite
2014 Colton Smiley Stone Deep Run Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne
2014 Tucker  Evans Monacan Springfield College
2014 Cagan Friend Freeman Stevens Inst. of Technology
2013 Kylah Blackmore Atlee Roanoke College
2014 Rachel Stanford Atlee Catawba College
2013 Harper Smith Clover Hill Christopher Newport
2013 Hailey Brooks Atlee University of South Florida
2013 Karlie Suber Atlee University of Virginia
2013 Courtney Fruendenthal Trinity Episcopal Washington & Lee
2013 Quinn Rutledge Cosby Vassar College
2013 Scott Brigham Patrick Henry Eastern Mennonite
2013 John Grochulski Godwin Ohio State University
2013 Joe Kreisa Freeman George Mason University
2013 Kaeler Sullivan James River King College
2013 Andrew Sydow Cosby Mount Olive College
2013 Hunter Taylor Patrick Henry Eastern Mennonite University
2013 Rachel Gallup  Courtland Catawba College
2012 Maggie Hine Eastern Mennonite Coast Guard Academy
2012 Graham Gresham Cosby George Mason
2012 Jack Wilson* Cosby George Mason
2012 Derek Sullivan Cosby Belmont Abbey
2012 Jonathon Lowenhagen Hermitage Belmont Abbey
2012 Meg Bowers Atlee Radford
2012 Amanda Conner Eckerd
2011 Julie Snarr  Deep Run Johnson & Wales
2011 Robert Chilcoat* Atlee Loyola at Chicago
2011 Kayla Crawford Powhatan Mary Washington
2011 Lauren Wright  James River North Carolina Wesleyan
2011 Sarah Long  Midlothian Roanoke
2011 Katie Hall Stevens Inst. of Technology
2011 Chaney LeReau Deep Run Uni. of North Carolina
2011 Sara Warford Colonial Forge Virginia Weseleyan
2011 Monica Ruffin Chowan University
2010 Bradley Johnston Thomas Dale Lindenwood
2010 Maggie Murphy Godwin Mars Hill
2010 Ross Madden Deep Run Juniata College
2010 Bren Wilberger  Steward Roanoke College
2010 Kayla Walker Shepherd University
2010 Becca Davis  Hermitage Christopher Newport
2009 Karina Monroe Chowan University
2009 Callie Armstead Deep Run Chowan University
2009 John Grove Deep Run Eastern Mennonite University
2009 Katie Hudencial  Hanover Regis University
2009 Meg Kenny Shepherd University
2009 Kelli Corneal Stetson
2009 Megan Meleski Godwin Washington & Lee
2009 Kristin Carpenter* Hanover Penn State
2009 Katelyn Meeks Godwin Radford
2009 Alyssa Lang Deep Run UMBC & Kennesaw State
2009 Jennifer Mallard Godwin UNC – Wilmington
2009 Patrick Maloney Deep Run George Mason
2008 Jessie Heavenrich James River Christopher Newport
2008 Meghan Forshee Deep Run Appalachian State
2008 Madelyne Pryzbl Cornell
2008 Cody Kennedy Menchville, N News Eastern Mennonite University
2008 Seann Lanning Grafton, Yorktown Eastern Mennonite University
2008 John Bottles Jamestown, W’burg Eastern Mennonite University
2008 Michael Koebel Monacan George Mason
2008 Taylor Jones Midlothian George Mason
2008 Morris Cephas Tucker King College
2008 Casey West Hermitage Randolph Macon
2008 Mallory Carter Cosby Randolph Macon College
2008 Susan Gausor Towson University
2008 Delanie Dolan Godwin UNC Wilmington
2008 Eleanor Lafoon Godwin UVA Wise
2008 Alyssa Foster Godwin Virginia Commonwealth
2008 Courtney Hott Courtland Virginia Commonwealth
2008 Cali Pennington Monacan Virginia Commonwealth
2008 Kristy Stroud Matoaca
2007 Jackie Foster Collegiate
2007 JoBeth Stoddard Collegiate Elon
2007 Laura Waddell E. C. Glass East Tennessee State
2007 Jane Murphy Freeman NC Central
2007 Leah Horan Roanoke College
2007 Julie Robertson Hermitage Shepherd University
2007 Brittany Grove Deep Run University of Maryland
2007 AJ Cushman James River University of Virginia
2007 Sara Felt Winthrop
2006 Brandon Joyner Thomas Dale George Mason
2006 Luke Maloney Deep Run George Mason
2006 Lindsay Huffman Freeman UNC Wilmington
2006 Chelsea Jones Monacan Lynchburg College
2006 Anne Lutkenhaus Freeman Mary Washington
2006 Catherine Hanners Freeman UNC  Ashville
2006 Michael Townsend Patrick Henry Emmanuel College (Boston)
2006 Sarah Brown Jamestown, W’burg Christopher Newport
2005 Ross Hedlund* Hermitage George Mason University
2005 Melinda Clelland Godwin Radford University
 2005 Dale Brink Varina George Mason University
2005 Melissa Griffith Lafayette, W’burg Catawba College
2005 Alli Good Godwin Francis Marion
2005 Brittany Thompson Godwin Wofford College (SC)
2005 Kathryn Carter Midlothian Mary Washington
2005 Brett Starbuck Tucker Coastal Carolina
2005 Anne Goodrich-Stuart Godwin Principia College (Colorado)
2004 Kasey Carpenter Atlee Averett
2004 Brittany Collins Godwin Christopher Newport
2004 Danielle Lickey James River College of Charleston (WVA)
2004 Jennifer Oliver Freeman Georgetown College
Gorana Bacic Godwin Georgia Southern
2004 Lesley Schmidt Godwin James Madison University
2004 Vashaye Ellegood Hermitage Morgan State
2004 Josie Hanners Freeman Radford
2004 Ginny Dolan Godwin Randolph Macon/Radford
Erin Burnette New Kent Troy State
2004 Rachel Chapin James River Virginia Commonwealth
2003 Lauren Good Godwin Armstrong Atlantic
Daniel Rhodes* Kempsville Cal Northridge
Jennifer Schenk Byrd Georgia Southern
Billy Freesmeier Kempsville George Mason University
2003 Graham Sheppard* Clover Hill George Mason University
2003 Amanda Snead Godwin James Madison University
Aaron Smith* Monacan Penn State
Caitlin Smyth Atlee West Virginia Wesleyan
Hudson Bates Monacan Long Beach State & GMU
2003 Jessica Bartlett MW Governor’s Frances Marion
2002 Shahrzad Firouzabadian Godwin Frances Marion & VCU
Blake Tyson Godwin James Madison University
Casey Wyatt Jamestown NC State
Elizabeth Aldredge Godwin Radford
Yana Kanoukoeva Thomas Dale Randolph Macon
Claire Jackson Freeman UNC Greensboro
Liz Innskeep Chancellor Uni. of Tennessee at Chattanooga
2002 Karla Lazenby Godwin US Naval Academy
2002 Jackie Murphy Godwin West Virginia Wesleyan
Michelle Clelland Godwin West Virginia Wesleyan
Mandy Mayo Albemarle William & Mary
Candice Washington Long Reach, MD Butler University
Clay Kilby* James River George Mason University
2001 Erin Wicker New Kent Charleston Southern
Sara Heyl Clover Hill Clarion
Laura Vogel Atlee Florida International
Corri Pfister Godwin Lynchburg College
Lindi Sheppard Clover Hill NC State & VCU
Holly Long Godwin UNC Greensboro
Byron Goff Atlee Rutgers – Newark
Dana Jones Chancellor James Madison
Michael Allen* Manchester Ball State
 2002 Graham Smithson James River George Mason University
2000 Katie Gilman Frank Cox Duke University
Danielle Dubetz Lafeyette Florida International
Beth Arnette Western Branch Hofstra
2000 Alex Karjavine MW Governor’s Lewis
Cherri White Great Bridge Nichols State
 2000 Justin Rastberger Atlee Ohio State
 2000 Scott Smith Midlothian George Mason University
Stuart Katz Paul Schreiber, NY Ohio State
2000 Lindsay Judice Courtland Ohio University
2001 Bryan Newcomb* Atlee Pepperdine & GMU
Matt Smith Midlothian Springfield College
Steven Bristow Godwin SUNY at New Paltz
Katie Synan Chancellor University of Virginia
2000 Megan Boyle Manchester Virginia Commonwealth
2000 Kathryn Lewis Freeman William & Mary
2000 Kara Lewis Midlothian Campbell
Courtney Starbuck Tucker Charleston Southern
1999 Hollie Bates Monacan Charleston Southern
1999 Jessica Evers Albemarle James Madison University
1999 Crystal Carey New Kent Liberty
Rachelle Marrow Monacan Lynchburg College
Karri Attinger Frank Cox Radford
Heather White First Colonial UNC Wilmington
Cynthia Walker* St. Margaret’s University of Florida
Nikki Ford Godwin Virginia Commonwealth
1999 Lauren Nussman Clover Hill Virginia Commonwealth
Kerri Bishop Hermitage Bucknell
Melanie Gray Collegiate Bucknell
Susan Clements Jefferson Forest Georgetown College
Abbi Pfister Godwin Lynchburg College
Jessica Collings Godwin Mary Washington
Laura Marcuson Godwin Radford
1998 Katie Sherwood Greenbrier Christian Radford
1998 Adrienne McDonough Clover Hill Towson University
Jenny Harmon Salem University of Virginia
Jon Hanners Freeman George Mason University
Joel Moxley Freeman Princeton
 1998 Ashley Spurlin Freeman George Mason University
Kristy Snow Jefferson Forest JMU
Megan O’Connell Louisa U.S. Naval Academy
Kristin Didio Midlothian Virginia Commonwealth
Shelley Sprouse Clover Hill Virginia Commonwealth
1997 Rich Clarke Clover Hill Mercyhurst
 1996 Doug Nunn Midlothian George Mason University
1996 Kelly Ford Godwin Mars Hill
1996 Jennifer West Franklin Virginia Commonwealth
1996 Claire Fontenot Woodbridge West Virginia Wesleyan
 1995 Katie Wallace Godwin Mary Washington
1995 Delshahn Thomas Lee-Davis Virginia Commonwealth
Michelle Ellis Godwin Virginia Commonwealth
1994 Paola Leal Godwin Davidson
Kristy Aldous Godwin Greensboro College
1994 Beth Tyson Godwin Uni. of  Conneticut & JMU
Anne Jackson Freeman Radford
1993 Kristie Tuxford Midlothian Robert Morris
 1993 Danny Pollock Hermitage Penn State
Heidi Jackson Hermitage Christopher Newport
Stephanie Parent Hermitage Christopher Newport
Shephanie Schmidt Woodbridge Fairleigh Dickenson
Matt Curtis Trinity George Mason University
Chad Means Midlothian George Mason University
Rebecca Roehrich Forest High Point
Emily Miller TJ Governor’s Johns Hopkins
Steven Noell Highland Springs Lindenwood
Robert Walker, Jr. Varina Lindenwood
Brian Allen Manchester Long Island
Ben Hill Long Island Long Island University
Leann Calvert New kent Lynchburg College
Leah Sebetic Clover Hill Lynchburg College
Chrissi Stoehr Clover Hill Mary Washington
Andrew Wallace Monacan Mercyhurst
Ron Horn King George New Jersey Inst. of Technology
Paulette Smith Prince George NC Central University
Heather White First Colonial UNC Wilmington
Lauren Purcell Atlee Virginia Commonwealth
Mandy White LC Bird Virginia Tech
Richie Starr Varina William Woods University