Virginia Youth Volleyball League


Virginia Youth Volleyball League is designed to be an introductory travel program for girls ages 11-16. Therefore, we designed it for kids who want to make travel teams in the coming years or who simply don’t want to commit the additional time or money to travel. It will give players and parents a small taste of what a full travel team does. As teams are not a part of USAV, teams may be mixed ages based on registration numbers and skill. 

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We expect our players to abide by the USA Volleyball Participant Code of Conduct and our parents to abide by the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation Sport Parent Code of Conduct






  • Court 15: VYVL 16s Dintaman
  • Court 16: VYVL 12s Team Red
  • Court 17: VYVL 12s Team Blue
  • Court 18: VYVL 14 Waters
  • Court 19: VYVL 16 Wagler


  • Court 14: VYVL 16s Taylor (730-915pm)
  • Court 15: VYVL 16s Hinda
  • Court 16: VYVL 14s Brandwein
  • Court 17: VYVL 14s Atherholt
  • Court 18: VYVL 14s Ellis
  • Court 19: VYVL 16s Kassab


  • Court 18: VYVL 14s Shears

VYVL Coach Bios

  • Coaches RD and Ashley Dintaman are a well known father/daughter coaching duo in RVC’s developmental programs.  RD graduated from Virginia Tech and Ashley from James Madison University.  RD has played in the adult leagues at RVC for over 10 years and Ashley played juniors at RVC and for the club team at JMU.  They have been coaching together for the past 5 years in our Middle School league and VYVL (formerly city league) programs.

  • Coach Hinda is a former junior national team and Division I volleyball player from Romania with a degree in Physical Education and Sports, with an emphasis in volleyball. Andrei concluded his third season with RVC as a VYVL and Middle School league coach last year.  Coach Hinda is also the JV2 head coach at St. Catherine’s School.

  • Coach Emily has been playing volleyball at RVC since she was 8 years old.  She has coached with our Middle School League and Jumpin’ Juniors programs, both indoor and sand.  Emily was on the TV show Chopped Junior when she was 10 years old.  Coach Emily will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall.

  • Coach Brandwein is new to the Richmond area, having relocated here during the summer of 2021.  He graduated from Xavier University.  Matt started playing volleyball in grade school and continued through high school and the collegiate men’s club team at Xavier.  He likes to build computers and play competitive paintball for fun.

  • Coach Catie has been coaching at RVC for years, helping out with many different programs.  Catie has worked as a master coach for Jumpin’ Juniors, Jump Up, and starter league for adults.  She has also coached with our travel program, Middle School League and VYVL (formerly city league) along with private lesson coaching.  She also coaches high school JV.  Coach Catie has her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from NorthCentral University.  

  • Coach Wagler began playing volleyball in the 5th grade.  She attended Trinity Bible College where she played volleyball and then became the assistant coach for 2 seasons after graduation.  Coach Wagler just returned to Richmond after spending the last several years teaching and living in the United Arab Emirates.  While in the UAE she joined adult volleyball leagues and got to play volleyball with some members of the Lebanese national team.  This is coach Wagler’s first season coaching at RVC.

  • Coach Lee brings a lot of experience and energy to the program.  Coach Lee has been playing volleyball at RVC since 1982 in various adult leagues and tournaments.  He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP).  Lee has also coached in a variety of RVC programs including our Middle School League, VYVL (formerly City League).  

  • Coach Debbie brings a wealth of coaching and playing experience to RVC.  Debbie played high school and college volleyball in Pennsylvania.  After graduating from Thiel college, she coached high school volleyball in Indiana before moving to Virginia, where she began coaching with RVC.  Coach Debbie has played on adult league teams at RVC since 1998 and has been a coach through all of our development programs; including Jumpin’ Juniors, Jump Up, and VYVL.  She is a speech language pathologist with Hanover County public schools.