The tournament will be held May 27 – 29, 2017 in the the Greater Richmond Convention Center and the Richmond Volleyball Club.

Registration opens in November of each year and rosters are not required to enter. Pools will be posted the week of the tournament on the home page of SportWrench. Early registration is highly recommended.

Teams are accepted on a “first paid, first accepted basis.” Teams living outside a 50 mile radius must stay in our hotel block. The deadline for entries is April 12, 2017, but we will continue to accept entries until divisions fill.

To complete the entry process we must receive proper payment, a signed tournament entry form, and confirmation from EM2 that hotel reservations have been made.

The entry fee for the 2017 Girls’ South Atlantic Championships will be $600. We will continue to accept entries after the deadline but there is no guarantee teams will be accepted. There are no refunds after the entry deadline. Each team will be guaranteed 7 matches (or game equivalent).


*Please note that divisions and/or formats may be adjusted according to entries received.