There is an admission charge of $25 for the event or $15 per day.


The Boys’ East Coast Championships is pleased to present team and individual awards for the top three teams in the Gold Divisions. The top two teams in all other divisions will receive team awards. In addition, we will also present a Club Championship award recognizing the best showing by a club in the tournament.

There are no “All Tournament Team” selections in accordance with the Boy’s Bid Tournament Manual.


Please read the rules enforced by the Greater Richmond Convention Center.


The format will be determined by the USAV Competition Committee and will follow all policies set forth in the USAV Bid Tournament Manual.

Play will begin promptly at 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday for the 12’s, 13’s, 15’s and 16’s, and 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday for the 14’s, 17’s and 18’s. The 14’s, 15’s, 16’s , 17’s and 18’s will play one wave on Saturday and one wave on Sunday. Playoffs will begin at 8:00am on Monday and should conclude by 4:00pm. All matches will be played at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.