Finals Night

At the end of each season, all divisions compete in a double-elimination tournament. The top two teams, of each division from that tournament, play out their final match on Finals Night. Even if your team isn’t playing, come out to watch and enjoy the party-like atmosphere! Every Finals Night, there are always food and drink specials available in the cafe area. We also have prize giveaways: everyone in attendance is eligible for a free raffle ticket to win exciting prizes.  The night culminates when we clear the courts for everyone to enjoy the special “feature match” of the night.

Here is the court schedule for our Fall season Finals Night on Dec 15 ,2017.




The winning teams are awarded a prize along with bragging rights for the following season. Photos of the winners from each division of Finals Nights are posted below.


 CTA-  Iron Claws                                CWC- Live Free, Spike Hard

ace r roni

CTB – Fast & Furious                 CWA – Ace R Roni

       CWB – Bump Set Boobs                  CWBB – Average Joes

        CTC- Miller Time                                  CFB- Wheee

Quads A- Sower Patch Kids                                   CWAA- Token

      CTAA- Bumpin’ Uglies                     Quads B- Be Careful

CTBB- Net Results                                   Masters- Change Later

MA3- EZ Pass                                               MO- Smokin’ Aces

MB- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Best Dressed Winner!)         MBB – Mexican Boys

ma1 beer money

MAA- Top Gun                          MA1-Beer Money

ma2 volleyball deepWAA we could carry less

MA2- Volleyball Deep                               WAA- We Could Carry Less

key lime pieWA1 hiting on you

WA2- Key Lime Pie                        WA1- Hitting On You

WO just the tipWBB just the girls

WO- Just The Tip                               WBB- Just The Girls